The list of cereals.



Cereal Name Cereal Image Prod. No. Basic Description Other details
Cherry Mix Berry Berry kix None 120 calories, which is roughly the average for all General Mills Cereal Calories & Nutrition Tastes like berries
Tedd Grahams Placeholder other 1 Like 200 calories of this cereal. Teddy Grahams
Flies Lunchbox Placeholder other None Likely this cutes. This was the school cereal.
Water-Melonz Placeholder person None Freeze dried watermelonss. Watermelons
Flower Flakes Placeholder location None Flowers Flower Shells
Votebox Placeholder item None Mixed all cereals Vote On
Superwhy New Cereal Box None Parody Cheerios.
Reeses Puffs Reeses puffs 3.5.4 Coco Puffs Peanut Butter
Cocoa Pebbles Cocoa Pebbles 3.545 Post cereals' Pebbles brand will use online gaming as a lure to launch PebPals, a philanthropic campaign that supports Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Worldwide USA, a wildlife conservation charity founded by Steve and Terri Irwin. Chocolate Pebbles
Cheerios Cheerios lowfat-300x300 1.1 It turns out that communists and their grand poo-bah (read: Barack Obama) hate Cheerios. So says Ed Anger of the Weekly World News. Now, I’m not familiar with Anger, and I have no idea if he shoots from the hip as a columnist or if his schtick is parody. The pseudonym and the whole Weekly Word News medium suggest parody, but the intertubes tell me he has a devout following that embrace his rants as gospel, so what do I know? That said, you may have noticed that Cheerios cereal has been getting some press lately due to a warning letter the FDA issued to General Mills. Certainly, some people certainly are taking the defense of their breakfast very seriously. The cereal that makes everyone.
Colors Cereal,colorful,fun,humor,lego,morning,photography-19d958f6d091a9a52839393e17c55ca1 m None Created by colors and fruits. Revived
Chocolate Pillows Post Super WHY! Cereal None Made with spicy stuff with some sugar and fat free. Revived
Fruit Loops 98285~Fruit-Loops-Posters 23.535 Fruit cheerios Looks a lot.
Brownie Shapes
Chocolate Spice Example None Big flakes of cereal. Looks like ice cream.
Sugar Cubes Wiki None Sugar Cereal
Baritone Flakes Placeholder other None Like when 1970's are some of the cereals. They had got this cereal before when it was gone. Flies a lot.
Bullseye Grahams Feature
Bulkhead Grahams
Butterball Grahams
Ussuri Pops None Like other stuff will be tough. Looks a lot.
Cereal Name Cereal Image Prod. No. Basic Description Other details

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