Super WHY! Cereal
Post Super WHY! Cereal



Product To Be Released

November 15, 2011

Different Flavors

Clover Honey and Vanilla


Lucky Charms Marshmallow Shapes, but only with Super WHY! characters

Breakfast Cereal Company


Television Network Company

PBS Kids merchandise

Activities on the Back of the Box

Super Why's Connect the Stars, Wonder Red's Rhyming Word Match, Princess Presto's Fill in the Blanks and Alpha Pig's Alphabet Maze

Prizes Inside

All 12 Action Figures

Interesting Facts

It turns the milk in your breakfast cereal bowl light blue

Shopping Centers

Safeway, Walmart, Bloom and Trout's Market


Corn Syrup, Corn Starch, Clover Honey and Sugar

Super WHY! cereal is a cereal made from clover honey and contains marshmallow shapes of the Super Readers and fairy tale and nursery rhyme characters.

Characters included as marshmallow shapesEdit

  • Whyatt/Super Why
  • Red/Wonder Red
  • Princess Pea/Princess Presto
  • Pig/Alpha Pig
  • Jill
  • Peter Piper
  • Goldilocks
  • Baby Bear
  • Mama Bear
  • Papa Bear
  • Wolfy
  • Little Boy Blue
  • Spider
  • Pig's older twin brothers

Cars and Weapons as marshmallow shapesEdit

  • Super Duper Computer
  • Why-Writer
  • Why-Fliers
    New Cereal Box